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Adult Dog Training

Basic Obedience Classes

Looking for the basics of dog training? Do you have a dog that jumps up on visitors, barks at other dogs or does not walk well on a leash? Basic obedience classes at the Animal Care Center at Cherry Way will help manage these problems and so much more. Basic obedience classes are held at 7:00 pm on Mondays and Thursdays. Dogs can enroll on either night. Class is six consecutive weeks. The first night of basic obedience class is an orientation for owners only.

Personal Consultations

The Animal Care Center offers one-on-one training and consultations as well. Personal consultation is geared towards animals with specific concerns. We are able to help with behavioral issues such as separation anxiety, inappropriate feline eliminations, fear related reactivity and many more problems can be discussed during private consultations. Private consultations usually take 1-2 hours. Animals coming in for private consultations will need a veterinary examination and blood work done. In doing this your dog will have a doctor and a trainer to best manage behavioral conditions. Animal Care Center will refer all cases of human directed aggression to The Ohio State University Behavioral Medical Clinic. Please contact Animal Care Center to reserve a spot.

Selective Skills Classes

Selective Skills classes are held on the first four Tuesdays of every month at 7:00 pm. These classes are set up for anyone who cannot commit to a six week series or may only have a few basic obedience areas that need work. Each class is paid for separately.

  • First Tuesday: Leash Walking
  • Second Tuesday: Come When Called
  • Third Tuesday: Greeting Visitors
  • Fourth Tuesday: Stay In Place

Please contact The Animal Care Center at (614) 475-7300 to reserve a spot.

Adult Dog Training $practice