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Puppy Training Class

Although 2-12 weeks is a critical socialization period for dogs, most pet owners do not have their new puppy home until the pup is at least 8 weeks old. This makes for a very short period of time to sufficiently socialize your puppy. Properly constructed puppy classes are a fabulous foundation to begin this process.

The Animal Care Center at Cherry Way offers just this class. Puppies that attend class are far less likely to exhibit fear in the veterinary setting and most of the time love coming into the office. In class, the puppies will learn to properly socialize with puppies of all varieties and their owners.

Puppy class is five consecutive weeks starting at 7:00PM on Wednesday evenings. Pups can start between 7-12 weeks of age and have had their first veterinary exam, Bordetella vaccine, Distemper vaccine (DHP) and have had a fecal sample checked or have been given a broad spectrum dewormer.

Topics Covered In Class

  • House training
  • Teaching dogs appropriate greetings
  • Socialization to novel objects and equipment
  • Exposure to veterinary exam tables and kennels
  • Basic obedience training
  • Owners will learn how to keep their puppy quiet and sitting
  • Owners will learn to teach their pup to sit, stay and greet other dogs and people

Please call the Animal Care Center at 614-475-7300 to reserve a spot.

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